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Welcome to the Windsurfing,
Surfing & Sailing Club at UNSW Sydney

You’ve come to the right spot. Make the best out of your Uni experience and sign up for sessions of salty fun at Australia’s lovely coast. Let the waves roll, this summer is going to be awesome!

Keen to jump right in? Check our current events or sign up by clicking on the buttons below.

Who we are & What we offer

About us: Our aim is to enjoy Australia’s coastline with great people, whether it be through Surfing , Sailing or Windsurfing, competition, partying or lounging on the beach. For members, we organize events all-year round such as

Weekends Away

Weekends away get you out to the coolest beaches around Sydney. You’ll usually spend two nights at beachfront houses and enjoy programs packed with water activities. These events are usually either Surfing or Windsurfing & Sailing but occasionally we cater for all three sports.

Learn how to Surf, Sail or Windsurf

In these training sessions, you’ll gain hands on experience in your sport of choice. Experienced club members lend you a hand if you’re doing your first steps or give valuable advice if you’re already into Surfing, Sailing or Windsurfing but want to improve. Most of these sessions are one day events during the weekend and are free of charge for club members.

Gear Rental

Keen on honing that surfing skills you’ve just picked up on that last weekend away? We’ve got you covered – we offer gear rental for our club members. This includes beginner surfboard rental on a weekly basis for very affordable prices. In addition, we rent out windsurfing gear to experienced users.

Membership & Sign up

1. Choose your membership plan. You have two options...

2. Pay the amount due to our account via bank transfer

Simply transfer the 20$ or 30$ to our club account via bank transfer. If you do not (yet) have an Australian bank account or wish to pay in cash for other reasons, please find us at our O-Week stall and pay your membership or pay before your first club event.

3. Fill out our google form with your relevant information

Please fill out the Google form by clicking on the button on the right. We use this form to process and archive all membership request. Don’t forget to submit the form by clicking the ‘submit’ button at the very end, otherwise your application can not be processed.

For the latest information please contact us via our Facebook page!

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